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Self-Care During Wedding Planning

How Should You Practice Self-Care While Planning Your Wedding? Planning a wedding is no walk in the park and we’re willing to bet you may be feeling a little stressed as you approach your big day. Be it choosing a venue, your wedding gown, or keeping your bridal party on the same page it can all be a bit overwhelming. If you don’t take time to care for yourself along the way it will be challenging to help keep family, friends and guests on track too. To keep your stress low and your sprits high, try out some of these self-care tips. You got this babes! Grab your girls and get to the gym Yoga, a HIIT routine, spin or even just a walk to get some fresh air, whatever work out you choose, you’ll be feeling strong and renewed after a quick sweat session. Exercise does wonders for your mind and your spirit. It increases the release of mood-boosting endorphins, which will be key to helping you remain calm when wedding planning challenges arise. Try setting aside just 30 minutes each morning in the days leading up to your marriage to hit the gym, you might be surprised [...]

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Is it too Early to Purchase?

The Most Common Wedding Planning Timeline Mistake A clearly defined timeline for your wedding preparations is essential for limiting your stress (and pretty much everyone else’s) in the year(s) and months leading up to your special day. One of the most common mistakes brides make is waiting too long to choose their bridal gown. Let’s be real you, as the bride, will be the center of attention on your wedding day and need to ask yourself if you can truly and confidently make the rest of your wedding day decisions without first having decided on a gown. Often times, whether you’re aware or not, your wedding dress influences the style and overall vibe of your wedding. For example, if you were to choose a flowing, Bohemian-inspired gown, you likely would not choose structured flowers like roses for your bouquet. Or, once you’ve chosen a gown that compliments the cowgirl boots you’ve been dying to wear down the isle for years, you likely won’t choose to get married in an elaborate cathedral. See what we mean? Being sure to decide on your gown early in the planning process is essential for the cohesion of your wedding. With your gown decision down, [...]

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5 Tips to Help You Beat that Wedding Planning Stress

Stress can be such an allusive concept that manifests itself in a variety of ways from person to person. Stress can make it difficult to get quality Zzzzzzs, cause an imbalance in your lady hormones, or be at the bottom of pesky skin breakouts. And while these symptoms are bad enough, they just skim the surface of the impacts stress can have on the mind and body. As a bride to be, it’s likely your stress levels are higher than usual. Creating a guest list, seating assignments, choosing a DJ, favors, bridesmaids dresses, menu, the perfect floral arrangements, a wedding gown, veil, venue. . . it’s all a bit exhausting. It can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t take the necessary steps to manage the stress that could be caused by planning your wedding day. At Tamzen’s Bridal, we aim to make choosing your wedding gown, bridesmaids dress and wedding day accessories an enjoyable experience, however, we understand that choosing a gown and bridesmaids dresses is only one piece of the puzzle. With that in mind we like to encourage our brides to take a few additional steps to help manage some of the stressors that may accompany their [...]

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Tamzen’s Bridal fulfills every woman’s dream wedding needs

The perfect dress, tuxedo, food, flowers and music are only a few key components to planning the perfect wedding. Whispering Pines of Carlisle hosted Tamzen’s Bridal's first bridal expo to help brides-to-be find exactly what they need for their special day last Sunday. Exhibitors included wedding essentials such as florists and salons, but also a runway for models to feature dresses from Tamzen’s Bridal and a live dance lesson to give the audience tips for the after-party. Tamzen’s Bridal owner, Tammy Butler-Sonntag, is a retired Shippensburg teacher who  opened her bridal shop in downtown Carlisle last year because she said it has always been a dream of hers. “I spent 29 years teaching at James Burd and my last several years at the intermediate building,” Butler-Sonntag said. “I thought I’d live and die in the classroom.” According to their website, she and her husband, Robert, decided to open a bridal store when they began planning their own wedding. Tamzen wasn’t enjoying wedding dress shopping as much as she had hoped; having both positive and negative experiences with both customer service and options. She was a teacher for 29 years at the time and had always said that if she [...]

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Just Wait ‘Til You See Her

From the age of twelve, most girls start dreaming about the perfect wedding, but more importantly, how they will look on that most special of days. While we at the Gettysburg Hotel can only offer the perfect venue, we can still recommend to you the ideal bridal boutique to make all your wedding attire dreams come to fruition. Tamzen’s Bridal at Butler Manor I sat down with Tamzen’s Bridal at Butler Manor to see how they got their start and what makes their shop unique. The first time I went to visit them, I was greeted at the door with a chalkboard on the sidewalk that welcomed me by name. I was instantly impressed. But then, I opened the door to a magnificent shop, full of stunning wedding gowns, huge mirrors, lounge chairs, couches, and every wedding accessory you can imagine. I instantly knew that this was a business we could not only recommend to our couples, but one owned by people we could trust to take excellent care of them. Tamzen’s husband, Doc, told me the story of how they got into the industry. Before they were married, they both had crazy schedules. Tamzen was a teacher for 29 [...]

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An Intimate Fall Wedding

Tamzen’s Bridal and Pencil Me In, Event Decor + Design would like to wish a special congratulations to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. David Barrett! The newlyweds hosted an intimate fall wedding Friday, November 27, 2015 at Chambersburg’s Capitol Theatre just after the Thanksgiving holiday. In true holiday spirit, family gathered for a warm afternoon ceremony to celebrate the Barretts. Aimee looked stunning in a Sophia Tolli gown from Tamzen’s Bridal at Butler Manor while David sported a Jim’s Formal Wear tuxedo. ***The above photos were taken by Kayce Shoffner, a wedding photographer based out of central Pennsylvania. Pencil Me In had the pleasure of designing the fall decor for this November wedding and was able to turn Aimee’s Pinterest wedding dreams into a warm autumnal reality. Aimee walked down an aisle sprinkled with colorful leaves and lit by rustic lanterns to meet her groom at the alter. Standing in front of a beautifully decorated wooden arbor, the two exchanged vows in front of their family to celebrate their unity and commitment to one another. A buffet style dinner was served by Kathy’s Deli of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania on a single table lined with quintessential autumn decorations. From floral pumpkins [...]

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Confessions of a Surprise Bridal Shower Planner

You may or may not have heard, but the owners of Tamzen’s Bridal will be making a trip to Austria this December to be married in the Alps of Salzburg.  Exciting right? Well, we’ve been told it’s not a real wedding without a bridal shower.  With that piece of advice in mind we threw a surprise bridal shower for Tamzen and Robert this past Saturday in Carlisle, Pa. If you’ve ever met Tamzen, you know she doesn’t miss a thing.  While we had to avoid answering her phone calls for a few hours and put fake appointments on the calendar at Tamzen’s Bridal, we were finally able to pull off a big surprise. We spent the afternoon with our closest family and friends playing silly games, eating delicious treats and celebrating the unity to come. Aren't these flowers beautiful?  Our very on event planner, Pencil Me In, created the flower arrangements and decorations just for this occasion. We couldn’t get over how lovely they were! Instead of having guests bring a gift, we opted to have each attendee choose their favorite wine to give the bride and groom to be.  If you’re looking for something to give a bride and [...]

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Calling all Pinterest Lovers!

Ok so where are all our fellow Pinners? Whether we're pinning away while climbing the StairMaster at the gym or when we're taking the subway home after a long day of work, scrolling through board after board titled 'Wonderlust,' 'Dream Vayca' and 'Wedding Day: No I'm not Engaged' has become the all time procrastination/kill time tool. We find ourselves signing into Pinterest at every opportunity when we need to find a quick recipe or when we just want to relax. But what happens when 'Wedding Day: No I'm not Engaged' turns into 'Wedding Day: Yes, Yes I am Engaged!!!' ?!?!?! You're tasked with taking the 3,000 pins and translating them into your wedding day reality...If you're anything like us, that can be more than a little overwhelming. Although Tamzen's Bridal can't help you make intricately-personalized homemade candles like these... We can help you find some of the top pinned dresses on Pinterest! That's right, you heard us, we carry dresses that have been racking up the pins from women all over the world! Check it out! This Essense of Australia, Style D1617 with it's all-over lace and fit and flare style has 25,253 pins! If you're looking for a romantic [...]

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